About Us

.wavy was created in response to a question that came up during a conversation between friends.

“Why is everything marketed toward creatives so corny?”

It’s a harsh critique, but as a music producer, I was becoming increasingly annoyed with “eat sleep beats” hats, piano keys & MPCs on t-shirts, and other on-the-nose designs. I wanted something that felt more if-you-know-you-know. Something that anybody could wear, but if another producer saw it, they would understand what it really means. That sentiment was shared among my creative friends in non-music related fields as well.

Thus, .wavy was born.

Our pieces are crafted to intersect expression of our passions with stylish design. Even the brand’s name is both a universally understood concept and an insider for digital creatives. That’s the balance we aim to strike with every product. Can something be both subtle and a conversation starter? We’d like to think so, and we’d like to prove it to you.